We’re back!

And things look pretty bad already. But at least we’re back!

So it’s a new year and this is the first page of Issue 5, our last in this story arc. This issue will be a little longer than the previous ones, which have previously been capped at 20 pages. For the moment, Issue 5 is around 28 pages and that isn’t likely to change. What that means is that we’ve got just a bit more story than usual to finish this off! This is all what we’ve been building to since the beginning, and we hope you all enjoy it!

Lastly, if you want to catch up, the issue buttons on the sidebar are designed exactly for that! And as always, Issues 0-3 are available on Comixology. Issue 4 is on the way there, but it’s currently available on our Gumroad store, completely DRM-free along with all the other issues!

Next week, page two! And maybe our heroes can have a bit more luck now that we’re watching.