We’ve reached our final page for Volume 2’s Prologue, so of course it had to be a new look for Seren going forward, right? Not just a new look, but also a bit of a new outlook for her. I’m not sure I’d call her positive here, but we’ve got a bit of growth going on before Volume 2 starts properly.

If you’d like a good look at our design process for figuring out Seren’s new look, go check it out on our art blog! We went through a lot to get to this place and I couldn’t be happier with Seren’s new look!

So what does all of this mean? We’ll get there. We don’t have a date yet for when Of Stars and Swords Vol 2 will start. Caroline is very busy finishing up some side projects we wanted to do between arcs, and once that’s done we’ll both get moving on what’s next for Of Stars and Swords.

In the meantime, we won’t be going completely silent. I plan to continue doing pieces similar to these Prologue comics over on the Prose section of the site, so there’s still things to catch up on in the year between story arcs for Seren.

The absolute best way to keep up with all the goings on and when Of Stars and Swords will be back is either on our Facebook page, Caroline’s Tumblr, and of course either of our Twitter pages. I’m on Twitter as @JyrenB and Caroline is @CJohnsonArt.

This is the part where I remind you all once again that all of Volume 1 is available on Comixology for $9.99, with updated art, lettering, and backmatter. One of the best ways to help us keep doing what we do is to get that and leave a review! In fact, if you do review the book for a website, give me a shout and I’m happy to share it on social media and our About page with all the other reviews.