Seren getting things done!

This page, and the two previous, were actually done waaaay back. We worked on page 1 and 2 of this issue, then jumped ahead to the first three of this fight to have a more dynamic group of pages to bring to Megacon in February. So next week’s page will be a continuation of the fight done months later! Just wait until you see what Caroline’s put together for it…

No prose this week. I’m working out some site changes and the prose pieces will have their own place rather than the endlessly-scrolling blogpost from now on. They’ll still be easily accessible and I’ll make sure to link to them weekly, for those of you that enjoy it.

As always, hope you like the page this week! Over on the sidebar are links to both of our twitter accounts and the facebook fan page if you’ve got something to say (please be nice!) along with our e-mails over in the About page.