EDIT: Hey, everyone. I’m sorry to say that we will have no update this week (Nov 7) due to sickness of both myself and, to a much greater extent, Caroline. We’ll be back next week, on Nov 14, with business as usual! We apologize for this and hope you’ll bear with us. See you next week!

Is it any wonder Seren doesn’t really have any friends with what she puts people through? At least she’s not constantly yelling at people anymore!

Caroline has told me that I am required to mention the fact that Nika does, in fact, have shorts on under her skirt. Just in case anyone was wondering about Barstof staring up at her.

And as always, there’s a new piece of Cato’s story over on the Prose site! This one’s a little different than usual, as I needed a change of pace. Hope you all enjoy it!

Have a fun Halloween everyone! We’re down to only six more pages until the end of this Issue!