Well, that’s definitely continuing the streak of things getting worse. Only one page left in this issue. It couldn’t possibly get WORSE, could it? Nah. No way. We are clearly at peak bad.

Speaking of next week, it’s about time to let you all know our plans for the end of this issue and the start of the next. We’ll be taking a short break, as we always do. After next week’s page, we’ll be taking a week off, then posting the cover for Issue 3, and then taking another week off before Issue 4 begins. So that means this issue’s cover will be up on June 12th, and Issue 4 should begin on June 26th!

I know it’s a slightly longer break than usual, but we’d like to grow as much of a buffer as possible. We’ll be posting concept sketches and other fun things like that on our art blog during the downtime, and I’m going to do my best to update Cato’s prose story during that time, as well.

I’ll probably repeat all of this next week, but if you want to keep up during the downtime and all of that, you can keep an eye on our Facebook page or either of our twitter feeds, both linked in the sidebar here!

See you next week for a page that will clearly show things getting better for our heroes!