On Magic, from the archives of the Me’enai Royal Family, u.984

Magic is complicated.

Magic defies reason.

Magic is most definitely real.

Those are three great truths about magic that cannot be denied. Yet, while all true, they still tell us little about what magic actually is. Yes, it is complicated, but why? Why does it defy reason? And why do so many shake their heads at the very idea of magic when the results are all around us?

It is impossible to even say where magic actually comes from. There are, of course, countless theories and wild ideas. They are generally not worth noting, however. We must instead focus on what we can be sure of.

Various Gods and powerful beings claim dominion over magic, but it is highly doubtful that they can grant it. Magic seems to be an intrinsic property of the world around us. Something…not quite settled after the creation of the world. Its tranformative nature would suggest magic is the leftover bits of creation itself.

But again, this is just theory, though a likely one. What is not theory is that magic can do anything. Rain fire from the sky, create light from nothing, bring the dead to life, transport something across the world, or make something disappear entirely. There seem to be no limits at all to what magic can do beyond the knowledge and strength of the wielder.

The most powerful mages in history have been the greatest tyrants and heroes to ever grace legends. Any kingdom that has survived for a considerable length of time has employed the use of magic to some degree, in defense of their lands or, at the least, keeping the streets of towns well lit. The true powers know exactly how to exploit the use of magic, and longevity of such a kingdom can easily be tied to their respect of magic.

Yet there is so much we simply do not know. Why do some have the aptitude to control magic while others do not? What powerful magic has been used in the past that has forever harmed large stretches of land in Cyronell? Should the use of magic be more heavily controlled due to its great power?

And far to the south, what is the great magical wall that blocks the southern oceans off from the rest of the world? It has been studied by great minds and great mages for a thousand years, and nothing can be done to penetrate it. What hides beyond this magical wall? What could possibly have had such power to create such a barrier? And, of course, why?

That is the true problem with any study of magic. Questions do not give us answers. Instead, questions give more questions. Perhaps it is not for us to know. Some do believe that magic is simply to be seen as a force that we can never comprehend, but this seems foolish. Even with such a strange power that permeates the world, it would stand to reason that it, like everything else that exists, can be understood and mastered.

It will simply take time.

Time. The only thing more mysterious than magic itself. And, interestingly enough, something magic seems to have the ability to control….