And we’re back! Time to check on the rest of our heroes and…oh. Oh, I guess things are just as bad up in the snow. Try not to stare at that fourth panel too long, it was causing some vertigo while Caroline was drawing it.

A couple of other things for this week. First, our art blog was updated with some character concept work for a scifi comic we’re working on. Not too much to say about this just yet, other than it’s coming and we’ll keep you all updated here and on our twitter feeds.

Second, we now have a store page!¬†All four of our complete issues are for sale as DRM-free PDFs there, as well as links to the Comixology pages for each issue as those go live. Both versions of the files have the same bonus content, so it’s really just a matter of the kind of file you’d prefer to have! They’re both priced the same, as well, with the only difference being that the price set for the DRM-free versions is a minimum and you’re welcome to pay more if you’re feeling especially generous.

No matter what, though, we hope you’re all enjoying what we’re doing because we’ve still got a ways to go yet!