Clearly, some people just can’t take a punch. Well, a punch from a sword. You think they’d have tried actually hurting it before Seren and the others showed up, since it worked out so well! Ah well. At least they’ve got the right idea. When the big evil thing runs, don’t let it get away!

Then again, maybe it would be nice to know what they were running into? Dark caves at the top of mountains don’t tend to house friendly things. But hey…we shall soon see!

In other news, we’ve updated Caroline’s portfolio page!¬†There you can see pencil, ink, and color versions of various pages without my lettering getting all in the way.

And as usual, if you’d like to catch up on the comic, each Issue can be easily reached over on the sidebar.¬†Issues 0-3 are available on Comixology. Issue 4 has been submitted to Comixology as well, but it may be in the pipeline for a bit, so it’s currently only available¬†on our Gumroad store, completely DRM-free along with all the other issues!