We’re back! And Seren is still quite unhappy! At least she seems to be working through it. She even seems to have a plan again! A plan that involves accosting random soldiers on their way to defend the city, but since when has Seren ever been one to be polite?

Not only are we back with a new page, but this page has another comic creator cameo! This time, it’s the terrified soldier in the last panel, who is none other than our friend, Larry Watts! If you want to check out his work, he’s currently penciling Robyn Hood for Zenescope.

Last week, on our Art Blog, I posted a color comparison of Page 14, with the flats we put up originally and Caroline’s final colors (which we uploaded last week). If you didn’t see the final colors, go back a page and have a look, and check out the direct comparison here for a good look at just what the final colors can do for the page!

Also, The Beat ran an article this week with my thoughts on the recent announcement of Amazon buying Comixology and how it relates to the Submit program, which is what we publish Of Stars and Swords through! So if you’re interested in my general ramblings on that subject, go have a look!

Finally, this is the usual reminder that you can now get ALL of the completed Issues, 0-4, on Comixology, optimized for tablet and phone reading through their app! If you prefer a DRM-free PDF, you can get that from our Gumroad store, which is also set up on a pay what you want system (with a minimum price).