So maybe Seren’s been a bit…distracted. And has been for a while. Hopefully this hasn’t caused her to miss anything else too important, though. Like, say, a bunch of ancient evil creatures working behind the scenes to…oh. Right. Well then.

Also, our apologies. The page in it’s current state is NOT finished. Flat colors only for now. Caroline’s HDD completely died at the end of last week and we’ve been scrambling to get all this fixed and keep up. The good news is she’ll have a new computer in the next few days. The bad news is we’ve got to recover from all of this chaos and try to keep up.

So to that end, there will be NO PAGE NEXT WEEK FOR APRIL 16TH. There WILL be a prose update to compensate and we’ll be back to normal on April 23rd, but we’ve got to get this new computer built and set up properly so Caroline can actually be able to color beyond the flats.

Lastly, the usual reminder that you can now get ALL of the completed Issues, 0-4, on Comixology, optimized for tablet and phone reading through their app! If you prefer a DRM-free PDF, you can get that from our Gumroad store, which is also set up on a pay what you want system (with a minimum price).

Any/all support you can provide is helpful, especially when chaos like this erupts. But it won’t slow us down much! We’re in the home stretch for the story arc and we’re not about to let it be more than a bump.  And remember, to keep up with the general goings on outside of this blog post, follow us on Twitter or the Facebook page! Links to all of that are in the sidebar!

See you in two weeks!

APRIL 16TH EDIT: Final colors are here! Thanks for bearing with us and we’ll be back to normal again next week!