After one hundred and twenty pages…here we are. Seren vs. the Mad Lord. The man that had her family killed. The person she’s wanted dead for as long as she’s known he’s lived and this entire comic. And…that’s it. Over in seconds.  So…where does Seren go from here?

Speaking of ‘from here’. Normally, this would be the end of the issue. But this being the end of our first story arc, we’re going to go a little longer. There are SEVEN more pages until we reach the finale. Fitting that this happens on the page we’d normally end an issue on, though, isn’t it?

And also in regards to schedule, I can’t say with any certainty, but wanted to put out a warning here. Updates might be a BIT spotty for the next few weeks. We’re still working, and there SHOULD be a page every week, though it may be pencils or inks until we can get it finished, but just in case we’re late, consider this your warning. I’ll make sure to update you all regularly via my Twitter feed (linked in the sidebar!) and on our Facebook page (also over there). Why is this happening? Well, a couple of reasons, really. First: We’re about to move. That’s always fun and will make things chaotic. But second: As mentioned last week, we’ll be at HeroesCon in late June! So that’s going to take some time away as well. Just keep an eye out and we’ll do our best to keep you all informed as we close out our first story!

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