Seren finally got what she wanted. But uh…maybe she should have listened to what people were telling her last time she got close to this.

Also, she should proooobably look behind her. Better late than never to have an important realization about life and all, but it’s generally not a great idea to have those moments if you don’t notice the giant evil monster in the room.

As mentioned last week, we’re in somewhat crazy times when it comes to life, so this page is not entirely complete. Backgrounds are more or less done, but Seren still needs shading. It’ll come, and I’ll make sure to post links and update everyone when that happens! Should keep this kind of pace up for the next few pages, and when it comes to us actually taking a week off (which will probably happen the week after HeroesCon in late June), you’ll be fully warned!

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6/11/14 EDIT: Final colors are up!