And now the second page of our little history story from the villain’s point of view!

As mentioned last week, this is all traditionally done! Pencils, inks, color inks, and even the font was created specifically from Caroline’s handwriting! Hopefully you’re enjoying this story, as it will only get weirder from here! Two more pages in this short!

Not much else this week. The Prose story will get an update in the next week or so and finish by the time this short comic is done. Beyond that, it’s time for your usual reminder of other ways you can read the comic…

Mainly that all of our completed comics are on Comixology! And now Issues 0-4 on Comixology are COMPLETELY DRM FREE! So if you’ve bought the issues there, you can now download a backup copy of the issue for reading outside of the Comixology app in PDF or CBZ form. As always, if you want to buy through our Gumroad store, that’s still an option and they continue to be DRM free as well! Issue 5 will be released not long after the cover (so, it’ll be a few weeks). We will ALSO be putting together a digital trade, which will include the short comic (Issue 5’s digital release won’t) and that will be coming out not long after.