It’s our 100th update! …but not technically our 100th page. Story page, that is. We’re just a few pages off from that, too!

And yep. More pink fire. More giant demon. More problems for Seren and friends. She should probably be careful landing on that shoulder, too, especially since it just got patched up on the last page. But maybe we should be worrying more about Barstof, since that looks a bit painful…

Also today, Issue #3 has gone live on Comixology, joining Issues 0-2 and meaning everything on Comixology is completely caught up until the end of this book in just a few weeks! We’ll, of course, be submitting Issue 4 to Comixology as soon as it’s finished, but it’ll likely be a little while until that one goes live.

In the meantime, though, there’s always our DRM-free PDFs of the issues on OUR store, and Issue 4 will appear on there as soon as it’s ready to go! 

Just three more pages to go to the end of the issue, too!