And we’re back! Back in more than one way, too! Back on schedule after a much needed break to recover from Megacon (in which we have both been varying levels of sick and Caroline’s been working her butt off), and back to Seren being Seren. She can only attempt to go along with things for so long before going back to her usual self.

As for Megacon itself, we had a lot of fun and it was a great show. You can head over to our art blog to see some commissions Caroline did, as well as a few other images from the convention. We DO still have a few copies of the Of Stars and Swords books left, along with some prints. Still working out exactly what we’re going to do with them, but if you have an overwhelming desire, you canĀ shoot me an e-mail. If there’s enough demand, we’ll gladly print more of the books.

We also got an awesome sketch of Seren at the convention from the awesome Rob Torres. You can check out his site here. This puts our “Other People Have Drawn Seren” count to two now!