That’s enough of Seren being Seren for now. Time to check on the others again. No moping and brooding up here. Maybe some confusion, of course. They were just underground a few moments ago. But that’s magic for you. Best to be happy when magic delivers you somewhere in one piece.

Oh, and speaking of Seren. If you enjoyed the last scene, Caroline put together a nice version of all three pages without my pesky words to get in the way. You can check it out here, on her Deviantart page.  It’s possible that we’ll do more things like this in the future if you guys like it, so let us know!

And finally, we’ve got a fun announcement to make soon! No solid date to give yet, but we’ll be making it SOON. I’ll put it here the Wednesday after, but if you want to know right away, follow either of us on Twitter or the Facebook page! Sooooon!