They may be high up on a mountain pass surrounded by goblins, but at least some forward progress is being made! The explosions from last page probably helped.  Though it sure looks like a few more of those would be helpful about now, what with even more goblins on the way. But now two of our heroes are up in the air, in a way, so that might help out, too!

Good news! Today on Comixology, Issue 1 has joined Issue 0 for sale! Both Issues are formatted for Comixology’s Guided View and they really look great on a tablet! Issues 2 and 3 are also in the pipeline at Comixology, and I’ll make sure to let you all know when they’re available, as well.

And as usual, if you’d prefer a DRM-free file, we’ve got that in our store. Everything is priced the same, so it’s all about what you’d prefer to have!

Next week, more magic shenanigans are coming! Possibly even some explosions!