Hm. Well. That seems a bit ominous. Maybe they should have thought all of this through a bit more, because everything is starting to look like it’s about to go a bad direction.

There’s now only six pages left in Issue 4!

And as a reminder, last week Issue #2 joined Issue #0 and #1 on Comixology!┬áThe issues all have sketches and design work in the back, and they’re optimized for reading on a phone or tablet. And if you like PDFs that you can just read everywhere, with all of the same content, we’ve got those in our own store and you can pay what you want for them!

Final little reminder is another shout out for our friend Jules Rivera’s Kickstarter for Misfortune High. It’s a great book and a great story about a rich kid getting kicked out of his magic school and having to go to one on the bad side of town. It’s a LOT of fun and there’s some great rewards in the Kickstarter that you can get.