This week we catch up with Marguerite! And, among other things, she gets another new outfit. Because why not, right?

This week’s page is also slightly different from the last as it’s only sort of a guest page. For this page, I did more than the usual writing and basic layout work and instead did something closer to rough pencils, with Caroline coming in to really finish up the page and then ink and color it as usual. So it’s a bit more of a mix of the two of our work than usual!

Last week I mentioned that earlier this year we released Of Stars and Swords Vol 1: The Mad Lord on Comixology. I also mentioned that the art in that version has been updated, but didn’t link to an example! So check out this post on our art blog to see some side-by-side comparisons. We really did our best to make this collection worth it even if you’d already read Of Stars and Swords here on the website!

Going to keep it short this week. Next week another proper guest page as we check in with the last member of the previous story arc’s cast to see what they might be up to now…