Happy Day-After-Christmas! As I mentioned last week, no story page or prose update this week, but Caroline put together a wonderful cover for Issue 2 for you all to enjoy. If you’d like to see just the inks for this, you can head over to our art blog and check those out.

If you’re just dying for something to read right now, though, before we started Of Stars and Swords, Caroline and I did a short scifi comic called The End. It’s the first comic we made together, and while it’s still pretty rough around the edges, we’re both very proud of it. So if you’re curious, it’s only 8 pages and waiting for your eyes!

One last thing, since we won’t have an update until next year. I just wanted to thank all of you for reading and spreading the word. Of Stars and Swords has grown in readership way more than either of us ever expected, and we are nothing but happy to be able to tell a story that people seem to enjoy.

The pieces are set up! It’s all downhill from here! So stick with us, and in two weeks, on January 9th, Issue 3 will begin!