Issue 3 cover time! Our first one without Seren on it, too. Hope you all enjoyed Issue 3. We’re now in a part of this story that neither of us actually realistically thought we’d reach. It’s exciting for us and I hope you’re enjoying it!

To (hopefully) keep you all entertained during our break, Cato’s story on the Prose site has been updating each week! You can read last week’s here, and this week’s addition here. There will be another one next week and after that…we’ll see if I can keep up the momentum with everything else we’ve got going.

Over on our art blog, we’ve updated with Caroline’s design sketches for the demons you got a glimpse at in the end of the last issue. There might be some other non-OSAS related updates on the art blog in the next week, as well!

Finally, Of Stars and Swords is now available on Comixology!┬áRight now, it’s just Issue 0, but Issues 1-3 are all on their way. I’ll definitely mention here as the other issues are there.

And that’s it! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll be back with the start of Issue 4 on June 26!