Well then. Looks like all of that is settled. And maybe our heroes haven’t gone off on something unimportant, after all. Maybe that’s connected to a certain thing that might have appeared a few times that no one spotted? Maybe. But probably not. If it was important, it would have shown up more, right? ….right?

Last week, I mentioned feeling sorry for the goblins during this scene, as they clearly had gotten into something they weren’t prepared for. So here we are. They weren’t all horribly killed. Now they’re just being watched over by a dangerous looking hawk. Actually, that might be a worse fate…

In other news, I updated The Next Panel blog with a little talk about superhero comics and marriage if you’d like to read some thoughts on that. There’s going to be more life in that blog in the near future, and it will continue the theme that the blog has been since the beginning: Me talking about craft and theory and random ramblings along those lines.

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