Look who’s back! Seren, and Nika, and Barstof and….and a whole lot of other things that look bad. Plus the wonderfully creepy pink fire! It sure looks like these three are having a lot more trouble than the others up in the snow. But look at it this way: They’re outside the burning, demon-infested city and now stuck in the middle of an army camp that’s also on fire and also infested with demons, at least one of which is quite large and breathes fire.

How can it possibly get worse?

If you liked reading my last bit of critical writing about comics, a new thing exists! There’s been a lot of talk about comic reviews not doing a good job of handling storytelling and art and I like to babble about craft so I tried my hand at a critical look of a single comic book. You can check it out here on The Next Panel blog.¬†Feel free to let me know what you think, on twitter, e-mail, or in the comments on the blog. I want to make these good, so I’m open to suggestions!

Last thing for this week: A shout out. Our friend Jules Rivera, creator of Valkyrie Squadron( a great comic about scifi ladies kicking butt), has launched a Kickstarter for her new book! It’s called Misfortune High, and it’s about a spoiled rich kid that gets kicked out of the good magic school and has to go to the scary public magic school on the bad side of town. This is GOOD COMICS and absolutely worth supporting, so click this link and throw some help her way!