A big glowing weapon in the center of a bunch of open portals probably isn’t a good sign. But, hey, at least Baldur’s got a sensible plan to deal with it. Since he’s been lugging around a ripped-in-half shield for a few pages now, it’s probably safe to say he can handle things. It can even get our heroes back to a fairly large city and civilization to try to put a stop to whatever else those creatures are up to.

…but now for some bad news. Well, mildly bad news. For our own sanity, there will be NO PAGE NEXT WEEK ON MARCH 5TH. We need a week to get a bit ahead again and to not go crazy and we apologize. But it’ll be worth it! That means Of Stars and Swords will be back on March 12th. Not a long wait at all for a new page, and at least we’re not leaving you on a huge cliffhanger!

In GOOD NEWS, though there will be no page next week, there WILL be an update to Cato’s Story on the Prose site! It’s nearing its end as well, and I’m not going to leave you guys without something from us that week!

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