Aaand, chaos. Somewhat. The good thing is, everyone seemed to listen to Seren and argue WHILE running the other direction and away from the very angry and evil monster chasing them. The bad thing is, obviously, the very angry and evil monster chasing them isn’t far behind. Especially exciting for Seren, bringing up the rear of the group and just managing to get out of the way in time…

But at least our heroes are mostly keeping their cool, what with dramatically leaping off the railing rather than taking the stairs. As a little note on that part, we get to see Aram using a little wind spell he used back in Issue 4, but this time as a cushion to land on!

Pencils only for now. Inks and colors to come. Our apologies, but it’s better than no page as we approach the climax with just THREE PAGES REMAINING. We appreciate you all sticking with us through these somewhat erratic updates, but we’ll get it all there and done. And we’d rather it be a strong final product than too rushed. Hopefully you’ll agree it’s worth it!

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