It really is a good thing there’s a boat still at the dock. Always helpful when the bad guy leaves his escape plan around for someone else to use. Of course, they really need to get moving. There are quite a few things still after them…

Apologies on the page being a day late! If you can’t tell from the pencils, Caroline’s putting everything she can into these last few pages and we’d rather put them up when they’re ready instead of rush them out. That also means the inks and colors are on their way!

A few other things are going on lately, too. First, Cato’s Story on the Prose site has updated! That story, too, is quickly approaching a conclusion. If you’d like a somewhat easier way to catch up on it, you can use this link from Comic Rocket to start Cato’s Story and the bar at the top to go from one chapter to the next. Also, once it’s complete, we’ll be compiling it all in a much more easily readable format and it might even have some illustrations!

And speaking of Cato’s Story, we put another character design up on the art blog for one of the story’s characters who will be joining Seren in the second story arc of the comic! You can see what Anica looks like here, as well as a couple of links to the other character designs we’ve put up so far.

If you’re interested in my general writing and ramblings on things, I wrote a new piece yesterday about Comics and Criticism. There will, hopefully, be more similar posts coming from me in the future, and I’ll make sure to put a heads up here when that happens.

ALSO, there’s been a great change on Comixology in the past couple of weeks! Issues 0-4 on Comixology are now COMPLETELY DRM FREE! So if you’ve bought the issues there, you can now download a backup copy of the issue for reading outside of the Comixology app in PDF or CBZ form. As always, if you want to buy through our Gumroad store, that’s still an option and they continue to be DRM free as well. Choice everywhere now!

Finally, a reminder of how you can keep up with all of this as it happens instead of every week or so here in this blog post. The absolute best place is either Caroline or my Twitter pages, both of which are linked on the sidebar of the site. We also make sure to keep the Facebook page updated, but admittedly not AS much. I also have a Tumblr page now, of which an easy to click button will exist soon.

Next week, the colors for this page! And after that, only TWO MORE PAGES LEFT in our first story!