And that’s it! The last page of our short comic. Hopefully you liked this weird history story. We had quite a lot of fun putting this together on all ends.

Now that this is done, next week will be our last regular update for a little while. Next week is Issue 5’s cover. After that, we’re taking some time to work on a few other short comics that are not Of Stars and Swords related and getting moving on the second story arc for this comic. There WILL be a series of short one page comics before the next arc begins, as well, but after next week it’ll be a bit quiet here.

Related to all of this, the FINAL chapter for Cato’s story has been posted! At some point we’ll be compiling all of that into a somewhat easier to read format, but no ETA on that just yet. But hey, if you’d like a little look at things to come in the next arc of the comic, give the prose story a read, as you’ll be seeing those characters in comic form soon enough!

As usual, the absolute best way to keep up with us while we’re in between story arcs here is going to be Twitter. Both our feeds are linked in the sidebar with our pictures, and following either one of us should be enough to know what’s going on with the other comics, Comixology related releases, updates on when arc two will start, and even some previews of color and art correction work being done for the digital trade…

Speaking of Comixology! Issues 0-4 on Comixology are COMPLETELY DRM FREE! So if you’ve bought the issues there, you can now download a backup copy of the issue for reading outside of the Comixology app in PDF or CBZ form. As always, if you want to buy through our Gumroad store, that’s still an option and they continue to be DRM free as well!