And here we are! The cover to Issue 5!

As mentioned previously, things are going to be a bit quiet here for a little while as we get a few other things going and get good and ahead on the second story arc for Of Stars and Swords. In the meatime, some updates…

First and foremost, you can now buy a DRM-free PDF of Issue 5 from our Gumroad store!┬áBase price is the usual and you’re certainly welcome to pay more if you want, but do whatever! It will be coming to Comixology at some point, as the book has been approved and is being processed, but it might be a bit. So if you don’t want to wait for the PDF, grab it this way.

A few things will be happening in this break before Of Stars and Swords gets rolling again. The biggest thing is that we’re putting together a little anthology of scifi short comics. Not much to hint at on these yet, but we’ll be posting concept art on the Art Blog as time moves along so keep an eye out for that. Style wise, we’re going to be doing a bunch of small stories much like The End, which if you haven’t read is COMPLETELY FREE (or pay what you want, even).

We’re also in the process of preparing a digital trade for Of Stars and Swords. It’ll have Issues 0-5 as well as the 4-page short comic and a few of the very early history prose pieces. In addition, Caroline is currently in the process of updating much of the early art to make it more in line with the later stuff. She’ll be posting panel comparisons on her Twitter page as she gets more done and we’ll also put those on the Art Blog, so keep an eye out!

Lastly, the best way to keep up with all of these goings on (and to get some info on when Of Stars and Swords will be back!) is to follow either/both of us on Twitter or to keep up with the Of Stars and Swords Facebook page. All three are linked in the sidebar and while the Facebook page is sometimes quiet, we’re both very active on Twitter and will be doing our best to keep everyone updated on how things are going and what to look forward to!

Once again, thanks for everyone for sticking with us through this first story. We’ve had a lot of fun and, honestly, didn’t really consider reaching this part when we started out. And the best part is that more Of Stars and Swords IS on the way, and we’re even more excited to let you all see where Seren goes from here…