Oh, hey, something sort of positive! Kind of. Outside of Seren’s stab in Volume 1, this is the only time we’ve seen someone hurt an Ancient One, so that’s got to count for something.

The amazing art in this page is by Noora Heikkil√§! Noora’s the artist on the comic Judecca, which you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE READING. But maaaaybe not at work. Noora is a really wonderful artist and we’re still kind of in shock she made the time to draw this page for us.

So this is NOT the last page of updates for the Prologue, but it is the last real guest page. So a HUGE thank you to Gustav, Erin, Colt, and Noora! We can’t thank them enough and hopefully you all enjoyed their pages, as well! It’s been great seeing other people draw Seren, with the extra added fun of how everyone interpreted the last panel for themselves. After this, we still have three more weeks of updates for the Prologue and then Of Stars and Swords will be back on break until Volume 2 starts. No ETA there yet, as a lot of things hit at once and slowed us down a lot more than expected, but I can promise you it’s coming and hopefully these pages help ease the wait!

As always, if you want to catch up, Volume 1 is readable all here on the website or in a nice digital collection on Comixology with cleaned up art, lettering, etc.

Of Stars and Swords will be back next week with another page! Again, hopefully you’re enjoying these little bits of connecting worldbuilding for where we’ll be going with Seren’s story next. And, also, GO READ JUDECCA!