We’ve had pages of Seren reading reports and thinking about the world and it’s about time we get back to what Seren does best: beating herself up.

So while last week’s page was technically the last guest page, this one kind of counts. Pencils here are by Graham (your usual writer!) with Caroline doing touch ups to make sure they aren’t terrible and then inking and coloring it. She makes me look way better and I have no complaints! This is slightly different from the second of the Prologue pages where I provided detailed layouts and then Caroline really went nuts with the pencils to give you a great Marguerite page. Hope you all like this one, as I enjoyed drawing some moody Seren. I should do it more!

Not much else this week. As always, you can get the digital collection for the entire first volume at Comixology! Yes, I plan to plug that forever. Along those lines, we updated our About page. It’s now filled with nice things people have said about Of Stars and Swords and links to various reviews as well as our contact info and bios. So go check that out! And if you review Of Stars and Swords and I miss it or anything like that, give me a heads up!

Next week…Caroline returns to proper art duties as we start to bring the Volume 2’s Prologue to a close.